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Ensemble !

Dominique Hervieu, Artistic director, Lyon Dance Biennale

Ensemble 770x500

Now more than ever, we must fully restore the importance and meaning of the word “ensemble” (together). Now more than ever, we need community togetherness to be a common value. When describing the work of the Défiléparticipants, it is also an example of community togetherness. We should equally mention the 300,000 spectators who watch this festive parade “together”, a parade involving the greatest possible range of practices, cultures and ages.


The utopia dear to Rousseau – “bring men together in order to improve them” – is at the heart of the Biennale Défilé. The parade’s essential ingredients? Cultural mixing, relational intelligence, aesthetic tolerance, and a free and joyous human dimension. Its essential subject? Bonding. We will witness choral dances, new group works, complementarities, pop-up architecture, rhythms, and songs. For the first time, we will welcome with open arms, among the amateurs, an outstanding group of music-makers: the Orchestre National de Lyon, who could not resist the idea of adding their excellence to this “ensemble”! In 2016, culture is calling us to take action, come together, and share joyfully! In a festive and upbeat way, Le Défilé will fuse the beauty of diversity with the pleasure of dancing.


I attach great importance to citizens being able to experience the Dance Biennale in different ways – in theatres and in public space. During Le Défilé, on Rue de la République and Place Bellecour, participants and spectators will experience a ritual that brings to life a new bond between artists and population. Art in public space, for everyone, embodies our commitment to expanding culture’s footprint. This year, I have again asked a prominent artist of international repute to devise a show, for preview in Lyon, that will surprise you by its original staging on Place Bellecour, but also by its poetry and bold artistic ambition. The artist is choreographer and circus artist Yoann Bourgeois, who jumped at the chance to create an “off-the-scale” piece for 15,000 people, to complete this day of togetherness! 


Have a look back on the 10e Défilé de la Biennale!

The groups

12 groups from the whole region Rhône-Alpes region gather their talents, their styles and their universes. Come and dance with them for this big celebration!

Learn more

Once the parade is over, a simple, accessible piece of choreography!