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During Focus Dance from 21th to 23th  sept

Rencontres 770x420


Jeu 22 sept. 2.30pm > 5.30pm

Four choreographers making news on the French scene will gather in the afternoon of 22 September on stage at the Théâtre Nouvelle Génération - Les Ateliers. These Talks, specially devised for Focus - attending programmers and hosted by Annie Bozzini, a discerning observer of the French and international choreography scenes, will provide a words-andfootage introduction to the choreographer, their artistic worlds and creative projects. Let’s talk!

With: Amala Dianor, Latifa Laâbissi, Ali Moini, Mélanie Perrier

Théâtre Nouvelle Génération – Les Ateliers
5 rue du Petit David, Lyon 2
Only for programmers



Mer 21 sept. 5pm

An Antoine Defoort, Mathilde Maillard and Sébastien Vial’s project.

Let’s take 10 wild geese. If we put them in a large room where they had never been, and if this large room was wholly unlike their natural habitat, where they have their bearings and habits, with no sky or westerly wind, no lake or grassland… we would doubtless be amazed by their innate sense of organisation.
Now let’s take another room, called a theatre, where a few humans propose to create a coherent and significant succession of events for 150 of their fellow humans, primarily exploring the question of the ergonomics of the art object: it would scarcely be a surprise to see them take an interest in wild ducks.
Here, the authors thus wish to imagine theatre as a laboratory, comprising a large space and simple actions to be performed. In this presentation of the project in progress, they will review the working process they are trying to put in place. They will talk about (almost) everything: what about their objectives? The atmosphere? The audience? Their doubts and their little brainwaves? In a nutshell: what about the show?
In September 2016, it so happens that the piece is not quite ready to be shown. The authors will therefore take this opportunity to show the work in progress, and discuss the creative process. The completed version of La Dernière Chance (working title) will be staged at the Maison de la Danse in September 2017.

Théâtre Nouvelle Génération – Les Ateliers
5 rue du Petit David, Lyon 2

Conception Antoine Defoort, Mathilde Maillard, Sébastien Vial Collaboration artistique Julien Fournet Interprétation Caroline Daish, Antoine Defoort, Julien Fournet, Mathilde Maillard, Sébastien Vial Assistant artistique et technique Samuel Hackwill Gestion des flux Antoine Defoort Collaborateur technique Eric Tartinville Régie générale Emilie Godreuil Régie son et création sonore Lieven Dousselaere Développement logiciel Guillaume Libersat Chargées de production Mathilde Maillard, Virginie Charlet
Premières Le Vivat Armentières et Le Phénix Valenciennes, janvier et février 2017



Ven 23 sept. 11.30am > 5.30pm

The purpose of Onda is to promote the dissemination of contemporary forms of the performing arts.
To this end, Onda regularly hold events to help programmers scout artists and to foster networking. The core of these events are exchanges on already-seen/upcoming shows; organising tours, and supporting new projects. Every year, the Onda Dance Meeting brings together 150 programmers around the latest dance-production news. This year, for the first time, Onda is holding The Onda Dance Meeting within Focus Dance, so that as many programmers as possible from all countries can meet for this forum around French and international productions.
A warm-up – a speed-dating session and brunch – will let French and international programmers connect. The Dance Meeting will be held at Le Sucre, a cultural venue on the roof of La Sucrière, by the River Saône.

Le Sucre
50 quai Rambaud, Lyon 2
Only for programmers
Simultaneous French/English interpretationwill be provided.
[REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT] in advance required through the Professionals Office.
Brunch price 18 €


Fri 23 sept. 11am > 12.30am

At a platform event open to all, Focus-featured artists will unveil their artistic approach and the specifics of the piece they are creating for the Biennale, as well as taking questions from media and public. With: François Chaignaud, Cecilia Bengolea and Cristiana Morganti. The same day, the steering committee of SystèmeD(anse) will present this new gathering of professionals from the choreographic scene and its stakes.

Théâtre Nouvelle Génération – Les Ateliers
5 rue Petit David, Lyon 2



At once installation and artwork, the Corps rebelles exhibition invites you to understand contemporary dance as an universal language. The exhibition offers an unusual point of entry into the history of 20th-century choreography.
BODIES Corps rebelles lets you observe the ties between the major periods of contemporary dance and the changes in 20th-century society. The exhibition spans six themes, which outline the main evolutions of the body in contemporary dance and in society. Six spaces each project a six-minute film on big screens, arranged in a triptych. In each film, a choreographer expresses a point of view: François Chaignaud and Cecilia Bengolea on scholarly and popular dance, Raphaëlle Delaunay on exotic and colonial dance, Raimund Hoghe on organic dance, Daniel Leveillé on dance and politics, Louise Lecavalier on virtuoso dance, and Mourad Merzouki on Lyon, land of dance(s).
THE RITE OF SPRING By means of a multi-screen arrangement, eight versions of the same passage of the “Rite” are projected. Through the versions of Vaslav Nijinski, Maurice Béjart, Pina Bausch, Marie Chouinard, Angelin Preljocaj, Heddy Maalem, Régis Obadia and Jean-Claude Gallotta, visitors freely explore the history of dance. 

Musée des Confluences
86 quai Perrache, Lyon 2 | museedesconfluences.fr
Sept. 13th 2016 > March 5th 2017
[SCHEDULE] Tue, Wed, Fri 11am > 7pm | Thu 11am > 10pm | Sat, Sun10 am > 7pm
[SPECIAL OPENING] for Focus Dance professionals, Fri 23 sept. 10am > 11.30am
[RATE] full 9€ | reduced 6€
Une exposition du musée des Confluences d’après un concept du Musée de la civilisation de Québec, avec la participation de Moment Factory.



Nigerian choreographer Qudus Onikeku takes over the studio at the Corps rebelles exhibition at the Musée des Confluences for a week-long residency: working in the morning, and opening the studio up to the public in the afternoon. The artist is using this stint to consolidate #almostforgot, and to give the public a feel for the sensibility of the piece, which addresses the question of memory and the past’s traces in the present.

Ven 23 sept. 10.30am > 11am | 5.30pm > 6pm
Musée des Confluences
86 quai Perrache, Lyon 2 | museedesconfluences.fr
[OPENING RESIDENCY] for professionals
Details & Booking

Professionals Office

Thibaud Schwann and Mélissa Boudilmi

+33 (0)4 27 46 65 67


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