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Biennale Fringe


Sun 25 Sept.

As part of the artistic residency “Lab’Art au Fort du Bruissin” in Francheville, Compagnie Ando and its choreographer Davy Brun are organising a choreographic trail at the Fort, in collaboration with the Lyon CNSMD (Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse), Odil Decq’s Institute for Innovation and Creative Strategies in Architecture at Confluence and photographer Michel Cavalca.

Dans le cadre de la résidence du Lab’Art au Fort du Bruissin à Francheville, la compagnieAndo et son chorégraphe Davy Brun proposent un parcours chorégraphique dans l’enceinte du Fort en collaboration avec le Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Lyon, l’école d’architecture Confluence d'Odil Decq (Institutefor Innovation and Creative Strategies in Architecture) et le photographe Michel Cavalca.

3.pm | New work by Davy Brun for the student dancers of the Lyon CNSMD
3.30pm | Project by Odile Decq’s architecture students
4pm | Photo exhibit by Michel Cavalca

Fort du Bruissin, 5 ter Rue des Jonquilles, Francheville



Fri 16, Sat 17, Fri 23, Sat 24, Sun 25, Fri 30 Sept and Sat 1 Oct

Things cross and criss-cross at the venue Le Croiseur, from 16 September to 1 October during choreographic weekends including tango, rock, electro, contemporary, urban, ballroom, cartes blanches, off-site shows, concerts, performances, exhibits, etc. 

By order of appearance: Najib Guerfi, La Piraterie, Tango de Soie, Union Tanguera, Aku Daku, Franck Laizet, Hélène Rocheteau & Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy, Stylistik, Florie Mongrédien, Sayaka Hori, CNSMD, Aurélien Le Glaunec, Harris Gkekas, Alterfrekences, Guy-ô-shine, Brahme, Raymond IV, Groovedge Records, Endlos... Alone, in pairs, gangs or groups, come celebrate everyone’s uniqueness.

Le Croiseur, 4 rue Croix-Barret, Lyon 7
[BOOKINGS] 04 72 71 42 26 | contact@lecroiseur.fr | lecroiseur.fr



Sat 10 – Tue 27 Sept 


A fun and interactive installation, Danse des Couleurs was created for children by the choreographer Daniel Larrieu. A musical, choreographic and kinetic experience, Flow 612, Ice Dream and other installations are set in an imaginary jungle of flowers and leaves. Devised with the help of the children, who give their views on the “danceable” properties of spaces, rhythms, and the pleasure of movement, the installation invites the young participants to observe the changing colours of the light on a vast printed screen. By dancing, they create sounds, and these elements are picked up by 48 sensors in the floor. Designed for children ages six to 12, this unusual multimedia project can be enjoyed by all.

[OPENING] Fri 9 Sept, 6pm
Tue – Fri, 2-7pm, Sat, 4-8pm
LUX, Valence, 36 bd du Général de Gaulle, Valence 
[BOOKINGS] 04 75 82 44 15



Thu 22 Sept, 6-8pm

La BF15 is presenting a group show called The Matinée, a performance consisting of “representations” of intangible art works interpreted by Galerie, in residency at La BF15. Galerie’s mission is to promote the development of an intangible materiality: works that cannot be reduced to objects or to the documentation of an action. Galerie represents artistic practices which May take the form of a dance, a conflict, a therapy or a joke.

La BF15, 11 quai de la Pêcherie, Lyon 1 [ENTRÉE LIBRE]
[INFORMATIONS] 04 78 28 66 63 | labf15.org



Sun 25 Sept from 11am (brunch) to 3.30pm

Enjoy brunch with Toï Toï presenting three choreographic projects exploring the unique relationship between the sensory body and the social body:
Chorescence – SONS RéSIDUELS (dance & song “reprisals”)
Cie Kat’chaca – La cabine à danser (dance & digital arts)
Cie Rose Piment – Homo Urbanus (dance in the public space)

Toï Toï Le Zinc, 17-19 rue Marcel Dutartre, Villeurbanne | toitoilezinc.fr



Sat 17 Sept, 12-6pm and Sun 18 Sept, 10am-6pm

A series of short impromptu choreographic performances, to be enjoyed over the weekend. Invited by Dominique Hervieu to create a project during the European Heritage Days weekend, Anne Martin and her students at the Lyon CNSMD will give dance performances in the magnificent but little-known historic building of the Caluire “Usine des Eaux” water treatment plant. One performance will take place in the underground basin, with a woman singing in a row boat as it glides between the 30 monumental pillars. The other one will take place in the engine room where a dozen dancers will be accompanied by percussionists using the machines as their instruments.

Usine des Eaux de Caluire, 2 avenue de Poumeyrol, Caluire-et-Cuire [FREE]



Sun 11 – Sun 18 Sept

Plateforme, a group of young French and German creators, is organising a training course from 11 to 18 September in Lyon for young performing artists living in France or Germany. They will spend a week exploring the Biennale and the interface between dance and museums.

[INFO] 04 78 62 89 42 | info@plateforme-plattform.org | plateforme-plattform.org

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