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Catherine Gaudet


TNP, Villeurbanne - Petit Théâtre

A body torn between impulse and social conventions. Neuroses as a backdrop for choreographic creation.

After a first appearance at Maison de la Danse in 2013 with her duet Je suis un autre, Catherine Gaudet is back in Lyon with a new show entitled Au sein des plus raides vertus, created in 2014. On the Montreal artistic scene, Catherine Gaudet stands alongside choreographers such as Frédérick Gravel and Dave St-Pierre who have shaken up the boundaries of choreography. In just a few years, a generation of Montreal artists has taken to the world stage, bringing their brand of unbridled creations, incorporating material from the theatre and performance art.

This energy can be found in the works of Catherine Gaudet but, unlike some of her contemporaries, it takes a Decidedly masterful turn. Her pieces explore the meanders of the human psyche and the repercussions caused by tensions between instinct and social conventions. The power of these works stems from her ability to weave a dramaturgy from the sole movement of the body, as if it were not the dancers controlling the dance but the other way around.

In Au sein des plus raides vertus, we find impulsive movements serving as the framework for the choreography, composing with rhythm and space. Scratching, crawling, sniffing each other or petting like a dog: this is the grammar of gestures that Catherine Gaudet has chosen for the show. “I’m interested in what lurks below the surface of conventions,” she explains.

“There is a dislocation between what we are and what we would like to be, the cracks that reveal the beast. I turn my magnifying glass on non-verbal language,” says the choreographer who chose four members from her “gang” for this work: Francis Ducharme, Dany Desjardins, Caroline Gravel and Annik Hamel. “We arrive at a state where we lose faith, in the broad sense of the term. What we see in Les plus raides vertus resembles evil. The beast is cut loose, but it is not unequivocal and not without beauty. It comes in many shades: fear, need for solace, self-esteem, extreme egotism.

Though we May wish for moral uplift, we are dragged down to earth and into the abyss.” Catherine Gaudet researched religious sources before creating this piece, which is especially noticeable in the soundtrack of the show which revisits and distorts prayers such as Hail Mary. This is how the choreographer gives shape to the struggle of impulse versus the still verypresent constraints of Judaeo-Christian mores.


I’m interested in what lurks below the surface of conventions.

Catherine Gaudet

TNP, Villeurbanne - Petit Théâtre

[Dates and times]

  • Wed 28 Sep19:00
  • Thu 29 Sep19:00


  • Full price 25€
  • Reduced price 22€
  • Half price 12.5€

PIÈCE POUR 4 DANSEURS CRÉATION 2014 - Chorégraphie Catherine Gaudet Danseurs Dany Desjardins, Francis Ducharme, Caroline Gravel, Annik Hamel Musique Jacques Poulin-Denis Scénographie Max-Otto Fauteux Aide à la dramaturgie et aux répétitions Sophie Michaud Création lumières Alexandre Pilon-Guay Production LORGANISME Coproduction Festival TransAmériques (Canada), le Phénix Scène nationale Valenciennes, Théâtre La Chapelle (Canada) Résidences de création Centre Segal des Arts de la scène – Série Danse Danse (Canada), Circuit-Est Centre Chorégraphique (Canada), Théâtre La Chapelle (Canada), O Vertigo (Canada), Département de danse de L’UQAM (Canada) et Usine C (Canada) Avec le soutien de Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec (Canada), Conseil des Arts du Canada et Conseil des Arts de Montréal (Canada)